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    Zhe Jiang Keguan Polymer Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, focusing on water-based latex technology research and development, with independent intellectual property rights to "PVDC" latex core products. Strength of the company, advanced technology, high-performance operating system with computer-aided latex production lines, annual production capacity of 1.1 million tons. Advanced equipment, improved technology and scientific management of the company's performance in the domestic industry has been widely praised, is the latex industry's most influential business, product sales across the country. PVDC latex production company, is a high barrier, toughness and low temperature heat sealing, shrink resistance and chemical stability of the ideal packaging material, is unique in the packaging industry, widely used for a variety of plastic film, paper, coated coated aluminum processing, etc., in order to improve the protective properties of packaging materials, used for food, medicines, cigarettes, moon cake and other packaging. With the improvement of living standards of people in China and the emphasis on food safety enhancements, the domestic market to absorb the amount of PVDC packaging, is bound to surge several times to several times, a huge market prospects. Zhe Jiang Keguan Polymer Co., Ltd. is a bright and booming business, we will uphold "honesty, credibility first" business purpose, "professional, pragmatic and efficient" style of work, and always follow the independent innovation and professional direction of the service, continuing to enhance core competitiveness, together old and new partners, active cooperation and seek common development, create brilliant!
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