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◆Y101D(bottom glue)◆

Product Type



Y101D is one of our PVDC products. Film can be coated with Y501D without other bottom coating. Coated film is highly obstructive. Y101D is a polar resin less foam. It accords with the healthful standards of food, and the coated films are accord with the standards of FDA.


● Specification of Glue
Solid content(%)50±1
Surface tension(mN/m)<50
PHvalue 1~3
Density 1.22~1.28
Quality guarantee(month) 6
Specification of film
Oxygen penetration 15ml/m2.24h.23℃.75%RH(5g/m2)
Vapor penetration 8.2g/m2.24h.23℃.90%RH(5g/m2)

Using condition recommended

Solid contents used35~50%(diluted by soft water)
Highest temperature at dry line110~120℃
Coated quantity1.0~1.6g/m2(bottom coating) 3~4g/m2 (top coating)
Time to solidfy14-15days at room temperature or 48hours at 45℃

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