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   PVDC Plastic Glues  

◆Y901X (Glue used for special hydrophilic antirust lacquer)◆

Product Type



Y901X is one of our PVDC products. It is able bear erosion and burning. Also it has strong adhesion and low vapor penetration. Its chemical and physical properties are more stable than chloroethylene’s. Coated film is highly obstructive and excellent plasticity. It is the same with lacquer of crylic acid. It accords with the healthful standards of food, and the coated films are accord with the standards of FDA.


●There is innocuity, insipidity, no pollution, uneasy to burn or burst. So it is easy to transport.
●It can be directly coated to the surface of steel which has rust or not, has hard oxide or old lacquer. Huge steel component with complex figure of which rust is difficult to remove shows its particular advantage. Working procedure is predigested, labor tension lightens and product cost debases. It makes for civilization and safety.
●Coated film is easy to dry, firm, strong to adhere, able to bear acid, alkali, salt water, bad macroclimate and 500℃ of temperature. It can be used in wet condition and with all kinds of other top lacquers.
●It is the most distinct peculiarity that kinds of organic or inorganic solvent or thinner, such as dimethylbenzene and gasoline etc, are strictly forbidden to mix in it. It should stir to equality before use. Water can be mix up if it is too dense. Product can be coated in brushing, rolling, dipping or spraying. According to rust, heavily coat to heavy rust and lightly coat to light rust. Tools, equipments and containers can be washed by water, and must not by organic solvents. Surface oil, sand, dust, sundries and unstable rust should be removed before coating. The thickness of rust is commonly less than 100 micrometers. If it is more than 100 micrometers, it should be coated one more times.
●Large area can be coated. One kilogram of product can coat about 12 square meters. Anticorrosive effect or life is about 2 times of common antirust. 40% of cost can debase.

Specification of Glue

●Appearance milk white liquid
●Solid content(weight)﹪ ≈ 50﹪
●Density 1.22—1.28
●Viscosity 25℃ 10
●PHvalue 1-2
●Vitrification temperature 50℃
●Lowest temperature to become film 16℃

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